Project Description

Abstract Theory is a series of design events that exhibit design as an authentic skill, not a gallery tour, not a fine art exhibition.

Abstract Theory is a design event.
Events under Abstract Theory are: 2 Productions.
Where we exhibit the art of 12 local designers and digitally reproduce each designers work on limited edition shower curtains. Fine art into product design. The second part of the 2 Productions show is in collaboration with the packaging and shipping store, UPS. Each designer who produced a shower curtain will also do a 2-D relief sculpture made solely out of packaging and shipping supplies found in the UPS store. Un-packing UPS, we like to call it. 2 Productions exhibits the process of artists into designers, into products, and finally the concept of the product being shipped out.
2 Productions: designed limited edition shower curtains and 2-D Un-packed packaging supply sculptures.

The Paper Dress Show, another Abstract Theory event will display the iconic paper dresses from the 1960’s in a new re-designed form. Each designer uses the same blank paper dress as a surface to exhibit their work on. Artist work made into fashion design. The designers revel in the challenge to make the paper dress wearable and able to be packaged for selling. Artists into fashion designers into package designers.

Assembly Line Painting, a show where you see the artists in true design form, producing many of the same painting. Paintings produced on an assembly line. Artists into designers into assembly line machinists. Designers create pieces in an assembly line, with each artist having a role to play and a job to do. One artist is tasked with the job of painting the clouds on each piece, another artist has the job of the mountains, down the line there is someone who does all of chosen wildlife animal. Assembly Line Painting Show is an event, viewers come to watch “fine-art” being produced in an assembly line manner, fine art manufacturing.